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CanadaVisa Media offers bespoke packages based on your needs.


Whether you want to connect with our 20m+ users through content or display marketing, we'll identify the best approach to generate engagement and leads for you.

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Want to advertise with us? Get in touch to learn more.


Custom Content

Create custom content to engage with millions of newcomers. Write articles, build a storefront, deliver webinars, and more.

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Forum Engagement

Join the largest Canadian immigration discussion board in the world. Host a chat to answer questions, build trust, and generate leads.


Display Advertising

Engage with our users by showcasing your ads in standard IAB sizes. Leverage our suite of targeting options.

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Social Media

Amplify your message through our social media reach of over 4 million followers. 


Email Marketing

Promote your services to the largest newsletter audience in the Canadian immigration space. Benefit from our high open and click through rates.


Data Analytics

Receive regular KPI reports from CanadaVisa Media to help inform our strategy and make the adjustments necessary to execute a successful campaign.

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